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  • About The Nathanson Brothers Team RE/MAX Services

    Please call us at 561-509-5565 to discuss the potential value of your South Florida home.

    We sell properties in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Coconut Creek, Deefield Beach, Delray Beach, Highland Beach, Lake Worth, Lighthouse Point, Parkland, and Wellington, Florida.

    From efficiency condominiums to luxury mansions, land, investments, and everything in between…buying or selling…we can help with all real estate needs. As you can imagine, we may work with a CEO who purchases an expensive home, and because she was so happy with our help, she connects us with a mid-level manager that she’s hiring for her company who needs to buy a more modest home. She may connect us with her parents who want to downsize and sell their home, then buy a home that’s smaller and more manageable. She might also ask for our help when it’s time for her child to buy their first condo. She might ask us to help her find a larger location for her company, because they’re doing so well. As you can see, we can help with anyone you connect us with.

    One great benefit of working with our team to sell a home is that because of something we do when we list a property for sale, that the vast majority of other Realtors don't do, and, because of our proven 8-step selling system, it's not uncommon for our listings to get multiple showings, receive multiple offers, and sell ABOVE the asking price! Even in this market...AND...we get similar results with regularity!

    We received the following email from an agent that brought the Buyer for one of our listings that recently closed. BTW...it sold for 98.5% of the asking price in less than a month! (The only reason that there was a discount, was due to a credit given for an inspection issue, rather than the Seller make the repair.) "I just wanted to say thank you & congrats again for your awesome work on this transaction. It's refreshing to work with people as enthusiastic as you. Your work ethic is quite impressive & inspiring. Best of luck to you. I hope we have the opportunity to cross paths again in the future."

    We work hard to cultivate and maintain great relationships with the other agents in our marketplace, so they know that The Nathanson Brothers Team will be a pleasure to work with. Who do you know that would like to be represented by us?

    We also represent people who want to buy a home in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Coconut Creek, Deefield Beach, Delray Beach, Highland Beach, Lake Worth, Lighthouse Point, Parkland, and Wellington, Florida.

    A benefit of working with our team to buy a home is that because of something unique we do when we present our Buyers' offers, that the vast majority of other Realtors don't do, we are regularly able to get our Clients' offers accepted in multiple offer situations...AND…this isn't an uncommon occurrence for our Clients...it happens quite often! We've even had OUR Client's offers accepted, when it wasn't the highest price and best terms, simply because of this unique thing that we do!

    We received the following email from the agent for a Seller of a home that we submitted an offer on for one of our Buyer Clients. "This will confirm that I am in receipt of the offer. The presentation of the offer exceeds any offer in recent memory, and I have been practicing for 23 years." Our offer packages stand out above the crowd...they get noticed, and more importantly, they get accepted!

    Who do you know that would like their offer for a new home to stand out amongst all the others, and more importantly, get accepted?

    Please, call us for a free consultation 561-509-5565.

    You'll LOVE your experience with The Nathanson Brothers Real Estate Team, owned and run by Dan and Michael Nathanson!

    The Nathanson Brothers Real Estate Team

    Let Our Systems Be Your Solutions.

    Let Us Help You Get Sold By The Bros!


    Retaining the services of The Nathanson Brothers', South Florida Real Estate Team, entitles you to a network of professional individuals that are committed to helping you complete your mission. Whether your goal is to buy a dream home in South Florida, Invest in South Florida Real Estate, or SELL your property in Florida, The Nathanson Brothers Team is a team of special forces brought together for a common purpose – to get you to the closing table.

    Here are a couple of the benefits to you when you choose to work with The Nathanson Brothers Team.

    Dan and Michael Nathanson are the team’s Leaders, and are seasoned in both Real Estate and Business. Dan and Michael are each passionate about customer service, providing the results that you’re after, and building a team of qualified specialists to best serve South Florida.

    The Team – Team Management is always a focus. The team includes both a home buying division and a home selling division. These team members are held to a high standard by Dan and Michael, and must continually provide leadership, training, and accountability to the team. These leaders are at YOUR service and can be contacted whenever you feel necessary.

    Administrative Staff – The Nathanson Brothers Team does not allow its highly skilled sales staff to be bogged down by the paperwork. We understand that an excellent Real Estate Agent will most likely not be an excellent administrator, so we allow each to do what they do best. This directly benefits you by freeing up your representative to focus on negotiations, and your admin to “dot the i’s” and “cross the t’s” during your transaction.

    Your Specialized Agent – The Nathanson Brothers Team is comprised of “niches.” Training, Designations, Conferences, and on the job experience is required for agents who specialize in these Divisions.

    Age Qualified / Active Adult Living / Retirement Communities
    Luxury Homes
    Golf Communities
    Equestrian/Horse Communities
    First Time Home Buyers
    South Florida Investments
    Neighborhood Specialties such as homes for sale in:

    200 East Palmetto Park
    Boca Del Mar
    Boca Falls
    Boca Isles
    Boca Marina
    Boca Winds
    Heron Bay
    Lake Rogers
    Le Lac
    Parkland Golf and Country Club
    Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club
    The Sanctuary
    South Florida Short Sale Team - Foreclosure Avoidance Helpine
    South Florida Foreclosures
    The Nathanson Brothers Team, doesn’t live by the “Golden Rule.” The team understands that our number one goal, is your number one goal, and we put you first, so we follow the “Platinum Rule.” Treat others the way they expect to be treated. Our team is built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and ethics, and stands on a strong business-oriented foundation. South Florida Real Estate is not a “job” for us. It’s our business. Don’t just choose a Real Estate Agent – Choose a FORCE – Choose The Nathanson Brothers Team!

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